Fiction: optimisation

Cette semaine, Chuck Wendig lançait son défi de fiction en parlant du bien et du mal. Il demandait de choisir entre a) Faire une bonne action signifie parfois faire le mal et b) L’enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions. Je ne sais même pas lequel des thèmes j’ai développé: je sais seulement qu’après un peu de mijotage, ça a donné ce qui suit. Et côté écriture mes réflexions se poursuivent.


– Sir, this is the AI Interface Technician you wanted to see.

– Sit down. I’ve suddenly found my quiet but impressive-sounding job filled with problems this morning. You seem to be the cause of one of my problems, and I have to tell you – I don’t like problems. I run a tight station precisely for that reason. You filed this report?

– Yes, sir.

– What does it mean?

– Well, sir, as you can see, an abnormal number of stasis cots were empty at the time of departure.

– You mean more than there should be if all passengers we marked as embarked from the station to the ship had actually been in their proper place.

– Yes, sir.

– So where are they? Loose on the ship, outside their stasis pods, roaming around?

– No, sir, I checked, there were no unidentified life forms aboard according to sensors.

– Don’t tell me the computer somehow never transported those passengers and we’ve lost their signal – that’d be a PR nightmare and I’d have to inform